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Is this your first visit with Dr. Gum?

The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

Personalized Care

We’re committed to caring for your dental health. On your initial visit with us, Dr. Gum will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current dental health.  This process involves familiarizing ourselves with your dental and health history, including going over any available x-rays and concerns with you.

Dental Cleaning

After your assessment, we’ll perform a professional dental cleaning on the same day, jumpstarting your dental health, and laying the foundation for successful treatment in the future.

Diagnosis and Consultation

Once your cleaning and exam is complete, the next step is diagnosis, including a consultation with Dr. Gum and if treatment is required, we’ll happily go over that information with you during this stage.

Helpful Forms

  • To help transition to our dental practice, we highly recommend bringing the following information with you to your first visit:

  • A list of your current medical prescriptions

  • Your insurance card if you have dental insurance

  • Dates of your last x-rays or the x-rays themselves if available

  • Comprehensive medical history-Relevant diagnoses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart related illness​

New patient forms can be found here 

Experience Personalized dentistry in a comfortable and welcoming environment

Dr. Gum’s primary focus as your top-rated dentist in Columbus is to keep you and your mouth healthy.  Through professional dentistry, we make sure you are.  We also understand the anxiety and phobias often surrounding dental care.  That is why we created a warm and welcoming environment to put you at ease. From the moment you walk through the door until your dental treatment is complete, we treat you like family.

What are your hours?

We are open M-W from 8AM to 4PM and every other Thursday from 8AM to 2PM.  To request an appointment, use the Contact Us page or call (614) 222-1863

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